European Network of Cultural Centres: Conference

Artistic Processes and Cultural Participation-New Perspectives for Rural Development

25-27 October 2017, Hildesheim, Germany

The European Network of Cultural Centres is hosting its annual conference at the Centre for World Music in Hildesheim, Germany in October. The theme for the conference looks at cultural participation and rural development - subjects which are related to the current work of the SPAR Project.

In a context of globalisation, urbanisation and economic, political and social crisis, rural areas in Europe face specific and significant challenges.

Their vitality is nevertheless essential to the well-being and development of both rural and urban populations and regions. We need to re-think, at a local level, the models of sustainable development and resilience. Strengthening local stakeholders to connect, cooperate and imagine in a European perspective is at the heart of these challenges.

What role should cultural centres play in innovative, sustainable and place-based modes of development and local empowerment? How can we work towards a more a democratic and imaginative territorial governance, and contribute to interconnections between European territories?

See the full conference programme and book places on the ENCC website.