Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017

The first annual Eurovision Choir of the Year competition took place in Riga, Latvia on 22 July 2017. The event brought nine choirs from across Europe together with Carmen Manet from Slovenia becoming the first winners of the competition.

The nine participating choirs, who each performed a six-minute set, were:

  • Hardchor Linz (Austria)
  • Les Pastoreaux (Belgium)
  • Academic Choir of Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Estonian TV Girls' Choir (Estonia)
  • Jazzchor Freiburg (Germany)
  • Spīgo (Latvia)
  • Carmen Manet (Slovenia)
  • Bela Bartok Male Choir (Hungary)
  • Côr Merched Sir Gâr (Wales)

For the full story on the event, see the Eurovision Choir of the Year website.